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Version: DeepHub 2023 R2 - 2.4.0-beta.2


The two DeepHub UIs can be configured via environment variables. Typically, these are defined in the docker-compose.yml file used to start and orchestrate the overall system with the DeepHub container, the DeepHub UI containers, and the Apache reverse proxy container.

The environment variables address different aspects:

  • Basic setup
  • OpenID settings
  • Mapping provider settings

See the sections below for details.

Basic Setup


The base path where the DeepHub's REST API endpoints and the WebSocket API can be reached.

  • Optional
  • Default: http://localhost:7081

The actual pathes are then

  • DEEPHUB_ROOT_URL/v2 for the REST API endpoints and
  • DEEPHUB_ROOT_URL/v2/ws/socket for the WebSocket API.


Usually not set because the URL and path can be derived automatically from the DEEPHUB_ROOT_URL. See above.

  • Optional
  • Default: empty


The base href that the nginx web server should use for serving the DeepHub UI.

  • Optional
  • Default: /

OpenID Settings


The OpenID setup only works if all three variables are set. If none are set, OpenID functionality is completely switched off.


When using OpenID, this is the URL that reaches the OpenID server to authenticate the user.

  • Optional
  • Default: empty


When using OpenID, this is the URL of the DeepHub UI to be redirected to after successful authentication.

  • Optional
  • Default: empty


When using OpenID, this is the CLIENT ID with which the DeepHub UI identifies itself.

  • Optional
  • Default: empty

Mapping Provider Settings for Admin UI and Kiosk UI


The provider of the background mapping service. We support mapbox and maptiler.

  • Optional
  • Default: maptiler


Your personal access token from a mapping service provider.

  • Optional
  • Default: empty


The background map style to be used.

  • Optional
  • Default: empty


The number of background map updates per second to use. A number > 0 is expected.

  • Optional
  • Default: 10


This options enables or disables the geo encoder search field. A boolean value, true or false, is expected.

  • Optional
  • Default: true

Mapping Provider Settings for Kiosk UI


The minimum zoom level that can be reached when zooming out. A number between 1 and 24 is expected.

  • Optional
  • Default: 1


The maximum zoom level that can be reached when zooming in. A number between 1 and 24 is expected, and it must be larger than the value specified for DEEPHUB_MAP_MINZOOM.

  • Optional
  • Default: 24