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Version: DeepHub 2023 R2 - 2.4.2

ISO-24730 Adapter

The ISO-24730 Adapter enables the DeepHub® to be integrated with ISO-24730-capable real-time locating systems. The ISO-24730 standard was created in the mid 2000s and revised in 2014. It is supported by several real-time locating systems e.g. utilizing ultra-wideband technology.

The standard consists of several air interface protocols as well as a single API called "RTLS API". It is the latter, that the DeepHub supports and that is subject of this configuration documentation.

Setup and Configuration

A DeepHub can be configured to work together with several ISO-24739 locating systems at the same time, each one of them being treated as a separate zone.

The DeepHub acts as a client towards a configured ISO-24730 service of an ISO-24730 locating system and therefore requires a separate configuration block consisting of the host, port, type of locating system as well as an identifier for the zone (zone_id or foreign_id) for each of them.


- host: server
port: 4000
type: uwb
zone_id: FDE56BB8-64B1-4B95-ADEB-AB189EE937FE
- host: otherserver
port: 4000
type: gps
foreign_id: some_id

An ISO-24730 configuration can be provided in the same way as other configuration parameters. See Server Configuration for details.