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Version: DeepHub 2023 R2 - 2.4.2

Kiosk UI


The Kiosk UI is the UI of choice for end users of the DeepHub that work with assets and need to quickly locate/find them.

The Kiosk UI does NOT allow users to create, edit, or delete any entities of the system. To achieve this, the Admin UI or the REST API of the DeepHub need to be used.

The user interface consists of only one component - a Live View that corresponds to the Live View of the Admin UI, but with some notable differences:

  • A map view that takes up the entirety of the UI, providing visibility to as many assets as possible.
  • Advanced search capabilities to allow for fast and effective retrieval of assets.

The Map

The map covers the whole view; there is intentionally no border, header, or footer. At the top right corner, there are overlays/widgets to increase/decrease the zoom level of the map, reset the bearing to North, locate your current device, etc.


By clicking on a fence (blue area), a zone (green area), a trackable, or a location provider within the map, a window opens with information for all entities corresponding with the location that was clicked. In the example shown below, a zone and a fence were clicked at once:


Search Capabilities

The search field is at the top left corner of the UI. The blue DeepHub logo will change to red if the connection to the DeepHub was lost, or yellow if the connection is being re-established.

You can search for any known entity within the search field by using its id, name, or custom properties. The search happens immediately and incrementally. Whenever you start typing, the search begins based on the entered characters. When the search matches entities, the entities will be shown as a list below the search field. By clicking on a result, the map will pan and zoom directly to the corresponding entity.

If the results are insufficient, you can click on the magnifying glass symbol or press enter on your keyboard to get a detailed list of all search results right beneath the search field.

search field

Look-and-Feel Settings

The look-and-feel of the Kiosk UI can be configured through the "viewing options" dialog window. To open this window, navigate to the top right corner of the UI and click this button:

viewing options icon

Within the "viewing options" dialog, you can enable or disable the rendering of location providers, trackables, fences, and zones. If rendering is enabled, you can switch certain rendering details on or off:

Viewing Options

The "API" of the Kiosk UI

The Kiosk UI supports the same URL parameters as the Live View of the Admin UI. See the corresponding section in the documentation.