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Version: DeepHub 2023 R1 - 2.3.2


The DeepHub® UIs

There are two DeepHub UI web applications that can run in every modern web browser and on any OS. They fulfill several tasks:

  • Provide an overview of the current status of the overall system
  • Allow for easy configuration of zones, location providers, trackables and fences
  • Visualize a live view of tracked objects and their movements

In addition to these functional features, these UIs represent a kind of showcase: the DeepHub UIs only use the documented REST and WebSocket APIs of the DeepHub locating middleware. Therefore, any partner or customer could build their own UI, tailored to their unique needs and requirements. Our UIs are simply one possible implementation of a solution.


The DeepHub UIs visualize the entities of the whole system on top of a web map. The latter is delivered online by a mapping service provider. We recommend using MapTiler as our preferred provider, and therefore use their maps by default. If you intend to use the DeepHub UIs in a production environment, you will need to order your own MapTiler license key.

Different DeepHub® UI Modes

There are two DeepHub UIs available:

  • Admin UI
  • Kiosk UI

As the name implies, the Admin UI is the one-stop configuration and administration UI for a DeepHub system. It allows for creation, modification, and deletion of any system entities, such as trackables, fences, location providers, and zones. You can find out more here: Admin UI

The Kiosk UI is the everyday UI used by the end-customer's workers to search for assets and get detailed information associated with them. It allows users to quickly locate assets and provides a live overview of the overall system. You can find out more here: Kiosk UI