1. Rework of map
    1. Initialization happens only once

    2. Map view is persisted in URL for easy share

    3. New control “Initial State Controller” added to get back to view including all features

  2. Enable RFID and iBeacon Zones
    1. Create, read, update, delete

    2. Filter Live View

    3. Search and view on Live View

  3. Trackables
    1. Name is always visible in annotation

    2. Trackables “not in motion” are always visible

  4. UI/UX fine tuning
    1. Put Trackables tab to right in main menu

    2. Rework all error messages

    3. Workaround for Material Design bug with wrong line height in input fields

    4. Zone & Fence: Better wording compared to spec for corners, coordinates and ground control points


  1. Zone & Fence: Fix New dialog next button

  2. Zone & Fence: Fix editing on map

  3. Zone & Fence: Fix reset of point fields

  4. Zone & Fence: Fix Cancel behavior for Edit mode

  5. Zone & Fence: Fix closing behavior of detail panel

  6. Live: Fix Search list with multiple location provider

  7. Live: Fix 401 error on get trackables/motions

  8. Live: Fix showing trackables with point geometry

  9. Global: Adopt all units according to spec


First public release.