Pricing Model

The pricing model of the DeepHub® is subscription-based. For each end-customer and project, you acquire a subscription with the necessary features and capabilities to build your tailored solution.

You may deploy a DeepHub instance on-premise at your customer’s site, or operate and maintain it yourself - this is entirely up to you.

Our DeepHub is also available as a white label product if your intention is for product bundling.

Subscriptions are purely entity-based, however we also offer consumption-based pricing models as part of individual contracts.


  • An RTLS Zone is a zone using UWB technology.

  • A Complementary Zone is a zone using any other locating technology.

  • Mobile-Zone support is the indirect tracking of objects based on temporary linking to an object with an active locating technology.

You get even more

As a partner, you’ll get access to the latest versions of the DeepHub via a Docker repository from which you can pull the latest images. Additionally, you’ll get access to our online support tool, enabling you to request support, send feature requests, access the latest information on upcoming releases, share thoughts and insights in the DeepHub community, and get all the latest onboarding material.

Get in touch with our Partner Management team at and start your journey into the Deep Universe.