Install Specific Version

It is possible to switch to a specific version of the DeepHub® instead of the latest one, if required.


Before installing a specific version of the DeepHub®, it is mandatory to stop a running hub as described previously in the Stop a running DeepHub® section of the Docker and Docker Compose chapter of this guide.

Pulling Specific Containers

Open the “docker-compose.yml” file from the extracted bundle package. Edit the version of the DeepHub® from “latest” to the desired version. For example, it can be modified from “latest” to “1.1.6”. Similarly, the version of DeepHub® UI can be adapted accordingly.


Now, the specified version is pulled when executing the following command:

docker-compose pull

To start the pulled version, use the typical command as described in section Start a DeepHub® of the Docker and Docker Compose chapter.