Nexus Repository


The Nexus repository is managed for partners and customers and provides access to the latest Deep Hub Docker images and documentation. Partners and customers are assigned a user account and log-in credentials to access the repository content. To get a Nexus Repository user account, please contact Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH. This document serves as a how-to guide and onboards users to the Nexus repository.

Getting started

Step 1 - Log-in to


Step 2 - Configure the user account after the first log-in.


Step 3 - Update the password for your user account.


Step 4 - Click on “Browse” to display the content available in the repository.


Two directories are shown in the repository:

  • Docker – contains the latest Deep Hub Docker image

  • deephub-extra – contains the latest Deep Hub Docker compose and documentation.


The Deep Hub Docker image cannot be downloaded directly from the Nexus repository - it can only be pulled through the Docker registry. Please ensure you have Docker installed on your machine. The Docker compose is a zip file and can be downloaded directly from the repository.

Step 5 - Click on “docker” to access the available Deep Hub Docker image versions. Select the latest Deep Hub Docker image to view information on the right side pane.


Docker image information will be displayed, such as the version string name. This can be used to pull the image from the Docker registry.


All versions of the Deep Hub will be listed here with every new release. Partners and customers can access specific versions of the Deep Hub if needed.

Step 6 - Click on “deephub-extra”.

deephub-bundle - This is the archive containing the Docker Compose file needed for the installation of the latest Deep Hub. This archive contains the frontend and backend components of the Deep Hub.

Documentation - Contains API specifications along with the server configuration files.

Simulation Package - Contains the simulation data of zones, fences, and trackables to test the Deep Hub

After selecting a file and its version, the download link will be displayed on the right side pane.