DeepHub® Demo Account

This tutorial is designed for partners and customers to get first-hand experience with the DeepHub, it’s capabilities, and to learn how the API could be integrated into their own solutions. Heidelberg Mobil offers full, unrestricted access to cloud-hosted DeepHub instances that enable partners to:

  • Onboard with the latest DeepHub features and functionalities

  • Explore the DeepHub API

  • Test and integrate solutions with the DeepHub

  • Develop expertise working with omlox-compliant products

With access to demo accounts, partners can explore two versions of the DeepHub:

  1. Official Release Version – This is the officially-released version of the DeepHub and includes the latest features and capabilities. It is stable, documented, and is only updated when major versions of the DeepHub are thoroughly tested and formally released. This version is suitable for partners accessing the DeepHub for the first time, and/or those who need ample time to develop a solution.

The official release version can be reached at:

  1. Beta Version – This is the latest beta version in our test environment. It is an early access version that has not been officially released. This version provides insights on what will be released in the next official release version, and allows users to prepare for new features in advance.

The beta version can be reached at: