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The new version of the omlox standard is here

· One min read
Wolfgang Römer

The omlox v2 specification was finalized and approved. It contains many enhancements to the "omlox core zone" and the "omlox hub". The former now complies to IEEE 802.15.4z, offers a new "Uplink-Time Difference of Arrival (UL- TDoA)" mode, and supports UWB channel #9 (~8 GHz) - allowing for global coverage, as this is currently the only channel that can be used worldwide without any local restrictions.

The omlox hub specification v2 includes a "rule engine" (the DeepHub has had a Locating Rule Engine for over a year), support for uninitialized zones, a "fence_timeout" property for trackables and location providers to overrule timeout settings of a fence, and several new REST API endpoints for greater convenience.