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Indirect Asset Tracking - Simple Search and Find

· 2 min read
Wolfgang Römer

Indirect Asset Tracking with the DeepHub - The simple, elegant and cost-effective asset tracking solution

Consider a typical warehouse where all your workers are equipped with a barcode scanning device. These devices typically have an embedded Android smartphone, therefore the DeepHub Kiosk UI can run on them out-of-the-box. Conveniently, the Kiosk UI now includes barcode scanning functionality as well. Scan a barcode and if an asset, A.K.A a trackable, is not found, simply create one with one tap of your finger. Now let's consider that you invested into a locating system but don't want to attach a tag to each asset because that would be costly (assuming you have thousands of assets in your warehouse). Instead, just have every worker wear a tag while working in the warehouse. Within the Kiosk UI, a tag, A.K.A a location provider, can be paired with our Kiosk UI instance, ensuring the position of the worker's tag becomes the position of the Kiosk UI. When a barcode is scanned, the position of your device can be used and associated with the scanned asset, ensuring the asset gets a location. That's it. With just a handful of tags for your workers, all your assets can be tracked.